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Packaging guidelines

How to pack your parcels?

Weight, shape and size of your parcel

Ensure your parcels are a maximum of 10kg in weight and 45cm x 45cm x 45cm in dimension.

Value of your delivery

If your delivery is of high value, ensure to provide extra cushioning in your box.

Empty space

To avoid your parcels from moving too much during transit, fill in your empty space with void filling material such as foam peanuts or air bags.

6cm distance apart

Best to place your items in the middle of your box, at least 6cm away from the sides/corners.


For fragile items, please apply the "FRAGILE" sticker onto your box/packaging material. We’ll be extra careful!


If you’re unsure about the delivery eligibility of your parcels, please refer to our Prohibited Items list.

Use separate boxes

We cannot guarantee the safety of parcels that are strapped together. To be on the safe side, please use separate boxes.

Flyer bags

We now provide biodegradable flyer bags upon request. Our sizes are A5 (18cm x 26cm), A4 (26cm x 35cm), A3 (32cm x 45cm) and A2 (40cm x 60cm).

How to label your parcels?

Make sure to print your airway bill using A4 paper

Attach your airway bill at the front of your box/flyer bag where it can be clearly seen

Do not apply tape on top of your airway bill (will block the view!)

Write your collection and delivery details at the side or bottom of your box/flyer bag in case the airway bill falls off

Remove any outdated address on your box/flyer bag if any

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